Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My sister's wedding!

My baby sister got married this year! Waaaayyy back in March. Here is card 1, the WEDDING card. I got my inspiration from the funniest place - Taco Bell. Hubby had a pile of sauce packets and I was reading them, because they are always silly. My sister is cute and offbeat, and a non-traditional card was definitely in order. I used the bright designer paper from Sale-A-Bration and went a little crazy. This card is large, for sure. I used an A7 envelope, so this is a full sheet of card stock, I think.

Please forgive the gauche backdrop. I didn't take photos at home, so I snapped a few on my brother's apartment floor. The carpet really helps highlight the fabulous card, don't you think? (Thanks for letting me stay with you, bro!!)

Here is the inside of the card, showing the sauce packet that started the process. To be safe, I put the packet in my liquids bag so it wouldn't get confiscated at the airport! :)

My husband, of course, had to boil it all down and write the best greeting. Grumble. If you can't read it, the packet reads "You have chosen wisely." Ha! My sister loved it.

Have a great evening!

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