Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Cards

I made 3 cards this year, all the same idea, for my hubby, my dad, and my stepdad. Guys like Hawaiian print shirts, right?? I had left most of my good tools, glue, etc., at my friend's house in preparation for our second go-round with Stamp-A-Stack this week, so I was fairly limited with what I could do, but I think these are winners!

I was losing light fast, so when I ran an errand I stopped off at the park to take these quick shots. :) NERD, yes I am! In honor of the occasion, these are taken at a lightpole overlooking a golf course. If you look carefully you might be able to see it in the background. Or maybe not. Pay no attention to the blonde with the camera!

Above - my hubby's card. I finished it later with large punched circles displaying our greeting and signatures. If you can imagine, I also punched small flowers in Taken with Teal, Groovy Guava, and White, scribbled centers with markers, and glued them around those circles as a paper lei to complete the goofy Hawaiian theme. This one was the only one with buttons, to be mindful of the mail-ability of the other cards.

Above - my dad's card. He was actually in Hawaii for 3 weeks this winter/spring! He works really hard, though, so he deserved it.

I thought of my stepdad immediately when I grabbed this paper. The design worked nicely to mimic buttons while staying USPS-flat. Mom messaged me and told me he LOVED it. They also loved that I sent the Mother's Day cards at the same time. She said it was so much fun. :) For some reason, it's the cardmaker's curse - I can make the darn things all day long, but mail them? Too much work... Not to mention, the flag fell off of my mailbox ages ago and no one has fixed it yet... hint, hint!

The designer paper is from the retired Bali Breeze collection. Other than that, I used my ATG gun to put it all together and a small flower punch and some glue dots for the leis (not shown). I made all three cards postcard-style, so the only moving part is the shirt front with the greeting inside. I used an origami pattern I found online. I'm sure I learned this when I was a kid, but I couldn't remember exactly how to do it. Now that I know, I'll be unstoppable. Right? Right?? This was fun. I'm sure I'll be doing it again!


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